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Question: I’m hearing that granite counters and stainless-steel appliances are out. Is this true? I want to update our kitchen, but unfortunately my husband surprised me by putting a deposit on new stainless-steel appliances. They’re the ones I want, but is that why they were on sale? I don’t want our kitchen to be out of date before we even finish it!


Answer: It’s really hard to stay on top of the trends, even for experts like me. So stick to what you like, unless you’re selling your house soon. Even so, neutral finishes for your counters, paint and cabinetry don’t need to be boring. I love warm neutrals, including off whites, buttercream yellows and grays.

Granite has been used for counters for decades for very good reason. It’s durable, resists stains well unless it’s a light color, blends with a variety of styles and is still very popular. Granite is available in a rainbow of colors from solid blacks to whites to soothing earth tones to wildly patterned reds, greens, blues and yellows.

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Granite as a countertop material is still most definitely in. For a fresh look, choose a variety that is a mix of gray, off whites, creamy colors or even white. A satiny “honed” finish will make the granite look warm and modern.

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