Take a Video Tour of an Earthship

Video: http://www.democracynow.org/2012/10/11/earthship_biotecture_renegade_new_mexico_architects

Earthship creator Michael Reynolds, interviewed by Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman. What’s amazing is how jungle-like it is indoors, with bananas growing, a pond for tilapia and much more. Reynolds shares his view that everyone lived in houses that supplied all their needs, there would be no reasons for war. He also said he’s working on Earthship townhouses to prove that the same techniques can work in an urban setting.

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Reynolds calls himself a “biotect,” as he lost his license as an architect for breaking rules — mainly involving the handling of sewage, he says. Here’s how he explains the sewage design in Earthships:

“We get the water from the sky — rain and snowfall — and we use it four times: We use the water for taking a shower; and then we use the water for running through the botanical cells growing plants; and then we collect it again at the end of the botanical cell and flush the toilet with that same water; and then that water gets treated in a septic or anaerobic system, and then it overflows into more botanical cells that are used for landscaping. So, in the end, no water ever leaves the premises that came from the sky.”
Disclaimer: for information and entertainment purposes only

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