Door-to-Door Real Estate Agents?

agentKnock, knock. Who’s there? Real estate agent. Real estate agent, who? A real estate agent looking to sell your home.


Seriously, this is no joke. The number of homes on the market have fallen to such a low level in San Diego County that an increasing number of agents are door-knocking to snag more listings and matchmake their buyers with would-be sellers.

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“It’s an old-school method that we’re bringing back,” said Catherine Fagan, a longtime San Diego Realtor who re-embraced the strategy about six months ago.


The local housing market, once plush with foreclosure listings, has been drying up as fewer homeowners are defaulting on their mortgages and a sizable share of homeowners can’t sell because they’re buried by negative equity. Add in increased buyer demand — fueled by rising home values and near-record low mortgage rates — and the county has a tight housing market.

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