State Investments in Clean Technology Yield Many Benefits

truckAmerica is the land of free enterprise. But government investments in infrastructure and technology have fueled private business growth since the dawn of our republic: the interstate highway system, the Internet, and advanced oil and gas drilling technologies all benefited from strategic government investment.

In each case, the investments addressed a societal need while also enabling private business growth. Such investments are a win-win.

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In the last few years, California has been making forward-thinking investments of its own to address air quality needs here in the Golden State. This includes investments in clean, advanced transportation technologies through an advanced vehicle and fuel incentive program known as AB 118, which was originally proposed by San Diego’s Christine Kehoe.

Proposed legislation to extend these incentives to 2023 is now before the legislature in the form of SB 11 and AB 8. On May 29, the state Senate bill passed with a bipartisan 32-5 vote. A vote on Assembly Bill 8 is expected as soon as next week.

Thanks in part to this program, next-generation vehicles and fuels are finally gaining a foothold in the market, helping to clean our air, diversify our fuel supply and again positioning California to become a world leader in the clean-tech revolution. “In-state” companies are growing, hiring, and developing a wide variety of clean and innovative solutions for the transportation sector.

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