Don’t Overlook These Home Buying Details

You did your due diligence, inspecting every inch of your future home. The home inspector found no major problems.

You can sign on the dotted line now, right? Not so fast.

Remember your appraiser is not a home inspector.  Contact the appraisers at for your home appraisal questions.

Real estate pros say you have more detective work to do because overlooked details lurk in the fine print or are intangible. Here’s a homebuyer’s checklist:

Noise factor. Check the neighborhood’s noise level at various times of day. Is it on the path of low-flying airplanes? On an ambulance route? Near trains with blaring horns?

“Walk the neighborhood, day and night, weekday and weekend,” said T.J. Rubin, broker at Fulton Grace Realty in Chicago. “You’ll see the restaurant with nighttime deliveries.”

Question the neighbors about frequent neighborhood noises.

If the house is in a homeowners association, you might find clues about noise and disturbances by reading between the lines of board meeting minutes.

“If the (association) has a lot of legal or security service bills, there’s a problem,” said Rubin.

The fine print. A real estate lawyer can be invaluable when it comes time to review the terms of a transaction. Many homebuyers have gotten into trouble because they don’t understand the documents they are about to sign.

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