Is Going Solar an Investment?


San Diego County is the hottest solar power market in the nation right now, with about 1,000 homes lighting up new systems each month.

Based on my hard-nosed analysis, solar is a fair-to-good investment for most homeowners who pay $175 or more each month on just the electricity portion of their bill from San Diego Gas & Electric Co.

Want to know if adds value to your home?  Contact the real estate appraisers at ; they have the only qualified “green” appraisers in Southern California.

Definition of “good” is a return on my solar investment within shouting distance of 10 percent, given that cash pays a paltry 0.1 percent in a money market.

Like any investment, there are risks. In the case of home solar, the greatest risk is that state or federal policymakers will eventually reduce the financial incentives.

Of course, there are compelling environmental and national-security benefits that go beyond the risk-return trade-offs.

Once installed, solar provides decades of pollution-free power. Moreover, if you drive an electric car, you can take comfort that you’re not buying oil from anti-U.S. regimes.

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