Is your Home the Right Size for You?

Can you picture living in a home with just one bath, and at 1,000 square feet, less than half the size of the one you’re probably in now? It wouldn’t be a big deal if you were home shopping in the 1950s, or, if you’re now in your 50s looking to downsize.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by 1973, average new single-family home sizes in the U.S. had grown to 1,660 square feet, but 40 percent still had only 1.5 baths or fewer. In 2011, average home sizes had ballooned to 2,480 square feet, and 20 percent now have three or more bathrooms.

Are you feeling outnumbered by toilets in your home? The average number of people living in each home is 2.5 today, while in the 1950s it was 3.5. And that’s not including pets.

Average home sizes aside, there is more to choosing a house than the pure square footage and number of bedrooms or baths. For many people, a small home suits them perfectly. Others need a larger home. Still others have a home that is the right size, more or less, but the configuration simply doesn’t suit their needs.

What’s missing in your home?

If money was no object, what would you do to change your home to make it work better for you? If money is an issue, can you be creative about how you use the space you have?

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