Consumers Report Cost Counts in Clean Energy Survery

Consumers may say they care about the environment. But when it comes to clean technology items like hybrid cars or energy-efficient home upgrades, people vote with their wallets.


A national survey of homeowners released Monday found that upfront costs and sustained savings are the top concerns when adding rooftop solar energy, backup energy storage and other big-ticket green technology.


The survey by Zogby Analytics also found that homeowners from across the political spectrum want more energy options, even though they were generally satisfied with their utility service.


Nearly 70 percent of respondents said they would like more choices when it comes to their energy and electricity supply.


The findings have implications for California’s clean-tech market in particular, as state regulators consider changes to residential utility bills that are likely to diminish the payback for rooftop solar and energy efficiency investments. Decisions would affect customers of investor-owned utilities including San Diego Gas & Electric as soon as this summer.

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