House Hunting – 8 Things to Ask About the Neighborhood

Check all the statements that are true for you.

1. My house scores high on the walkability scale. To find your home’s walkability score, go to and type in your address. Any score over 70 is very walkable. Give yourself credit for any address that gets a score over 50. Whether members of your household can walk to at least one, if not many of their daily activities, such as work, school, church, or the market, plays a big role in how much unintentional exercise they get, according to a walkability report from Smart Growth America that ranks America’s 30 largest metros.

2. My neighborhood has sidewalks, a park, bike lanes, or bike or jogging trails. Those who live in communities that support walking, cycling and outdoor recreation are far more likely to be physically active, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a national nonprofit that works to improve the health of Americans.

3. I live within a mile of a supermarket that sells fresh produce. Having a fresh-food supermarket nearby is associated with a lower rate of obesity, while living close to a convenience store, which usually doesn’t sell fresh produce, has been linked to higher rates of obesity.

4. My town has a weekly farmer’s market that I can get to in five minutes. Studies show that communities that support a farmer’s market, which also provides easy access to healthy produce, are healthier.

5. The number of sit-down restaurants within a five-mile radius of my home either equals or exceeds the number of fast-food restaurants.

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