How to Avoid A Dud Real Estate Agent

This article is from Sydney, Australia.  In the USA our real estate transactions differ but both countries use real estate agents and these are good tips.

If you have any questions one of our appraisers is Aussie and he would be happy to answer your questions.  If you have questions regarding value contact the appraisers at

Higuera offers these tips to avoid dodgy agents:

  • Research their sales history There is no substitute for experience. Being a real estate agent is something that you learn on the job. Agents should have a solid sales track record in your area and should have sold similar properties.
  • Read customer reviews or testimonials An agent’s past clients have the inside story. They are your best way to find a trustworthy agent who will deliver the best price for you.
  • Test their knowledge of the local market Active real estate agents will have their finger on the pulse and should be able to provide examples and data about the local real estate market.
  • Judge them on actions, not words Do they do what they actually say or are they making excuses or regularly changing their story.

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