Reverse Feng Shui to Nab a Bargain in competitive housing market

Reverse Feng Shui is actually quite zen. It’s a science of disbelief – it’s the yang to the Chinese yin. It is to hold knowledge without accepting its truth and, in actual fact, do the exact opposite. It’s about harnessing negative energy to get more home for your money.

1. Make for the curves

The bendy, winding roads that are so popular in modern suburban developments are said to bring bad health. The same is true for T intersections and cul de sacs. In general, if headlights are flashing in the front room, you can feel that negative energy coming through in the form of downward price pressure.

2. Street lights shine on a bargain

Homes just above street lights might make those final steps to the front door safer, but to Feng Shui masters that’s a no-no, even if your windows are not made of paper. A quick look at Google Street View can reveal these “bargain beacons”.

3. Follow the pointers

Anything pointing at your home, from building corners to TV antennas are said to bring a pointy stabby vibe to your house. So although they also provide a slight risk to running children and drunk homecomers, embrace the apex and let these objects point you to your new bargain home.

4. Good things come in fours

The number eight is very auspicious, associated with good fortune, so steer clear of the eighth floor, and head to the fourth floor, where the number four sounds like “death” and is very bad luck. If the views are no good from the fourth floor, the 14th or 24th will work just as well. Same applies for four as a street number.

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Disclaimer: for information and entertainment purposes only

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