Five things sellers hide at an open house

1) Termite damage

When you’re in a property that has been freshly repainted, look very carefully, warns wHeregroup buyer’s agent Todd Hunter.

“Painting is the biggest giveaway, especially when one or two rooms in the property have been repainted recently,” Mr Hunter said.

“This can conceal a repaired termite-damaged wall or water-leakage problems from a ceiling,” he said.

Be sure to get a thorough building inspection, including a termite inspection with thermal imaging, to make sure you can see beyond the new coat of colour.

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2) Structural damage

A big red flag should be raised when you are denied access to to an area of the house, Ms Parker warns.

“We’ve noticed that, clutter aside, sellers who have something to hide will block [or] lock access to manholes, sub-floor spaces and under-house areas to avoid inspectors being able to accurately report on any issues here,” she said.

These issues can be wide-ranging, from pest damage and structural damage to drainage issues and poor DIY attempts.

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