What your living room says about you

living room

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to read any “home beautiful” type books from the 1950s, you’ll notice they all share one thing in common: they’re obsessed with living rooms.

The living room, after all, is where you can install your modernist fireplace or sunken “conversation pit”, not to mention the perfect backdrop upon which to display your televisions and radiograms (gotta love that post-war glow of capitalism).

Whether or not the living room is still the most important room in the house is anyone’s guess, there’s still a lot you can tell about a person (or a household) by investigating this key living space. With that in mind, here’s our highly scientific guide to what your living room says about you.

Clean Lines, Neutral Colours

That low-backed lounge suite in cream nubuck leather? You bought it outright. That one incredibly stylish pendant light? The artist hand-delivered it to you. Someone once spilled a cup of Blend 43 on your carpet and you had them “taken care of”. You’re followed by a chorus of polite, slightly nervous laughter wherever you go.

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