Selling Property:Clever (and easy) tips to making your home look more appealing


The secret to having your occupied home-for-sale ready in one hour is to plan ahead,” Tracey McLeod, Owner of Showhomes and Presentation Sells told The Huffington Post Australia.

First of all, McLeod suggests employing the three month rule.

“In nature, three months is one season. In your home for sale, only keep out one season of clothes, bed linen, and toys. Everything that won’t be used in one season can be packed away beforehand. For those with kids, try to involve them in this process so it isn’t such a shock for them. Ask each child to choose what toys, books and clothes they can’t live without for the next three months and then pack the rest away.”

It’s also wise to pack away a large portion of your home before even putting it on the market. Just think, when it’s time to move out half of the hard work will be done!

“Pack up early in the home selling process, rather than later. Have only two-thirds to three-quarters or less if possible on the shelves in your cupboards, wardrobes, and pantry, and have items neatly stacked. If you can’t store boxes off site, neatly label and stack them in the garage.”

“Designate a cupboard shelf or storage box for each child to store their must-have items. Before bedtime, everything must go back into storage. This simple rule makes it much easier to clear living areas of toys, books, and other items in just a few minutes,” McLeod said.

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