Dream bathroom features that won’t break the bank


With $20,000 in your budget, you can easily turn a run-of-the-mill bathroom into the stellar space you’ve always dreamed it could be. By adding a key feature – from a sunken bath to a floor-to-ceiling glass wall – your bathroom can become your home’s most popular room.

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Some features and fittings in the collection of ideas listed below, like the encaustic tiles and marble floors, are easily accessible but are of a high quality. Others are features that have been created structurally, and therefore need to be considered at the start of your new build or renovation process. Pick up on one structural idea as the focal point of your bathroom, or select two or three other options, so your design ideas will still fit into your $20,000 bathroom budget



Let your tiles do the talking in your bathroom, but in an understated and elegant fashion. Encaustic cement tiles, where the pattern is made with the use of different coloured cements rather than a glaze, are perfect for a sophisticated look that will display an appreciation for craftsmanship. With the matt finish and slight imperfections of each handmade tile, a feature wall like this becomes an individual work of art. This can be the focal point of the bathroom, with your other surfaces remaining neutral and uncluttered for an exotic yet elegant space.

DESIGN TIP: Give your bathroom the Marrakesh touch with a range of designs in the same colour, or a range of colours with the same design to create an eclectic and stylish look that is still cohesive.

COST: Expect to pay between $165 and $240 per square metre for a range of vintage, Tuscan, Spanish or Moroccan-inspired designs.

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disclaimer: for information and entertainment purposes only

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