Off the grid living with solar panels and battery system


“Twenty years ago, you would need a room full of batteries to keep your home powered, and it would set you back around $50,000 to $60,000 to do it. These days, you can achieve the same results with a cabinet the same size as a kitchen cupboard and will cost you from $15,000 to $30,000 (or $50 to $100 a week) for most homes.”

Will going solar add value to your home?  Contact the appraisers at for your home value questions.

Tips for off-grid living

  • Monitor your home’s energy use with an inexpensive monitoring solution from OWL Intuition, Efergy or Solar Analytics. A company can interpret this data to determine the best off-grid products for your home.  Note:  these are Australian companies.
  • Work with companies that offer a range of technologies and have a track record of installing batteries.
  • Look for inverters that have charge controllers or battery management units already built in (usually called hybrid inverters).
  • Take a tour of an off-grid home for a first hand insight into the lifestyle.

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disclaimer: for information and entertainment purposes only

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