Non-Utility ways to heat the home in winter

Winter is just around the corner and for many that means surging gas and electricity bills.

But for those who plan ahead there are many environmentally-friendly products designed to maintain a comfortable temperature without electronic heating.

Invest in insulation 

The use of insulators helps lessen Australia’s carbon footprint in residential buildings, which Choice magazine reports accounts for 10 per cent of Australia’s total carbon emissions, and reduce the $47 billion Australian households spend annually on energy, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

A well-insulated roof can save the average Australian family 45 per cent on heating and cooling, with a further 20 per cent saved via wall insulation according to Choice magazine.

New technology has given rise to myriad products designed to better insulate homes, such as Ortech Durra Panel, “a walling system made out of waste straw, bonded with pressure and heat with no toxins, great acoustic and thermal performance,” says Dr Dominique Hes, director of Thrive Research Hub at the Melbourne School of Design.

In Western Australia, family home The Bling Box is setting a new precedent for sustainable Australian residential architecture. The home incorporates Bondor’s Equitilt wall panelling and SolarSpan roof sheeting for high thermal performance that exceeds the Building Code of Australia’s current six-star thermal efficiency requirement.

Another effective insulator is Thermablok, a NASA-developed material that utilises aerogel insulation technology.

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