Tips and Tricks from Professional Flippers

1. Quotes and contracts – Make sure you get at least three different quotes for every trade that is required. It might sound like overkill, but you will be surprised by how different they will be. It doesn’t always pay to go with the cheapest; in fact you often get what you pay for with this kind of work. Take the time to check your tradespeople’s references, have a look at their previous work and be sure that you are very clear about what is included in their proposed contract and what is not. Also, find out how much work they have on at the moment – you don’t want to be locked into a contract with someone who has taken on too much work and keeps leaving your job to finish others. So have an agreed timeframe for the completion of the work.

4. Lists and spreadsheets – Taking on a renovation can be overwhelming, so divide the project into rooms and then each room into tasks. Having a list that can be ticked off as you go along will help create a sense of achievement and allow you to focus on what still needs to be done. Creating a spreadsheet for the project to list costs is crucial for keeping on top of your budget. Try to update it daily with every penny spent.

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