What to remember when considering an HOA property

With a homeowner association, people tend to over look the fact that a lot of home maintenance issues are not their problem, in most cases. The HOA is often responsible for all the big items that single family home owners fret about: the roof, foundation, outside of the home, landscaping.

The drawback is that you pay a monthly fee. If you consider how much they take off your hands in terms of responsibility, the fee is a good thing. Another possible drawback is that you will be involved with the HOA to review projects and plans and vote on decisions.

Buyers should review with their agents the reserves in the building as well as the projections for when major systems will need replacement. In conjunction with this, buyers should read all past meetings to see what’s being discussed in the HOA and how they handle issues. Is it a smooth-running HOA or are there issues?

Another item to review is their policies on rentals. These policies are subject to change, and if you plan on renting the place out while you go on a long trip, that may not be possible.

read more at: http://www.sfgate.com/realestate/article/Sound-Off-What-to-remember-when-considering-a-9228332.php

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