World’s Fair ‘Home of the Future’ up for sale


In 1939, the part of New York City now known as the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park was “The World of Tomorrow.”

After being hosted in London, Paris, Chicago and St. Louis, the Word’s Fair came to New York that year attracting more than 40 million visitors curious to see what the exposition’s architects believed the future would look like.

According to TIME, “the future, in many of the exhibits and pavilions at the fair, looked almost wholly urban, rather sterile.”

“But when one considers that the 1939 expo — the second-largest American world’s fair of all time — was conceived, planned and executed in the latter years of the Great Depression and on the cusp of the global cataclysm of World War II, there’s something refreshingly and almost audaciously positive about the overall vibe,” TIME writes.

One of those exhibits was “The Home of the Future,” a model house designed by architect Belford Shoumate. A livable version of the house, called the “Fore and Aft House” was built in Palm Beach, Florida in 1940, and now for sale at $7.995 million, according to

The site, says the house was built to look like a house floating over water, mimicking the great ocean liners of the time.

“Its five bedrooms have outside deck entrances much like the way one would access their ship cabin, the roofline gives the impression of a sail. Tropical touches include ceiling fans, coral-rock walkway and extensive Florida foliage and palm trees to provide shade.”

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