San Diego – here’s why millennials aren’t settling here

San Diego is beautiful, but if you’re a young person without a lot of cash, North Carolina doesn’t look half bad.

Despite hip locales, craft beer and a bike lanes, San Diego County had one of the smaller millennial population increases in the nation from 2005 to 2015, said a study from Apartment List Rentonomics released Tuesday.

The study looked at 345 metros using U.S. Census data and found the secret to attracting America’s largest population — wage growth and affordability.

Of the 50 largest metro areas, Houston had one of the biggest millennial population increases. In the decade studied, the Texas city saw its median income, adjusted for inflation, increase 8.4 percent while its millennial population increased 17.4 percent.

Largest millennial population growth from 2005-2015

Based on the 50 largest metro areas

1. Charlotte (30.7%)

2. Houston (17.4%)

3. Austin (16.4%)

4. Seattle (15.3%)

5. Omaha (14.3%)

6. Nashville (13.8%)

7. Indianapolis (12.5%)

8. Tulsa (11%)

9. Orlando (10.5%)

10. Columbus (9.7%)

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