New laws for property owners and renters – California

ew laws went into effect last month that will probably come as a surprise to many landlords, homeowners and renters.

Gov Hutchinson, assistant general counsel for the California Association of Realtors, walked roughly 350 people through new legislation Thursday at a Greater San Diego Association of Realtors event in Mission Valley.

He said there are fewer new laws in 2018 than previous years, but were still important for real estate professionals to know about.

Undocumented immigrants (AB 291 and 299)

Hutchinson gave an example of what not to do: “If a landlord says to a tenant, ‘I’m going to double your rent. Don’t complain or I’ll turn you in.’”

If the landlord does reveal the status, and the renter isn’t deported, the renter is entitled to $2,000 if they prevail in court. Also, the landlord could face additional statutory penalties.

Marijuana (Prop 64)

Proposition 64 said homeowners 21 years old and older could grow six plants indoors — not on their lawn.

Renters don’t have much luck under the new law if they like marijuana. Landlords are allowed to prevent them from growing or smoking on the property.

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