7 ways to create a more energy efficient home

1. Ventilate naturally

Make sure your home has plenty of natural ventilation and light, says Jeff Angel of the Total Environment Centre.

“Cross-ventilation will enable it to get as much airflow through as possible, with cooling breezes in summer that means you don’t have to use airconditioning as much, if at all.”

Orienting a new home carefully and making sure it has a well-designed layout will help, but houses can also be renovated to introduce greater airflow with the use of louvres, too.”

Windows in areas that will see more sunlight, as well as the use of skylights, will also make a home brighter without the need for constant artificial lighting.

2. Seal the home

There are times when you’ll want to seal your house off completely from the outside to maintain a constant temperature inside. That’s when installing good insulation in the roof space and walls, effective water and draught proofing and double-glazing makes all the difference.

“That’s about making your house an excellent esky,” says architect Tone Wheeler of the Environa Studio. “It will help to preserve heat in winter and keep it cool in the hottest part of a mid-summer day.”

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