How long should a solar power system last?

It’s a long-term investment with a long-term pay-off for your hip pocket and the environment.

But putting solar panels on your roof isn’t the end of the story. How do you get the most out of your system, and what happens if it fails?

How long should the solar panels and inverters last?

Hunter-based Trade Pro Solar’s Tim Brown said good quality solar panels — such as LG, Sunpower, or Yingli Energy — would last 25 years.

Quality mattered for inverters, too,  and reliable brands had a 10-year standard manufacturers’ warranty on their inverters, he said.

“Never put an inverter in direct sunlight,” he said, adding they could fail around the eight or 10-year mark.

Keep them maintained

“In terms of performance, they don’t require much but do keep an eye on the system. If an error comes up, it will shut down,” he said. “Make a point, once a week, to look at your inverter, and make sure there’s not an error message there.”

Future-proof your purchase

“Don’t buy the solar system for today – look where we are heading for tomorrow to buy a future-proofed system,” Mr Lambert said, citing electric cars as one emerging product that could demand a lot of a household’s power supply.

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