5 essential checks you should do before buying a home that everyone forgets

If you want to avoid that sinking feeling, add these oft-forgotten tasks to your home-buying checklist.

1. Visit the house at different times

The ME survey found 58 per cent of property owners spent less than 60 minutes checking out the property they went on to purchase and 36 per cent said they missed picking up issues with a property because “they fell in love with the property and overlooked them”.

It’s important to spend as much time at the property as you can and don’t be shy about requesting a viewing outside the advertised opens.

2.  Talk to the neighbours

We’ve all heard stories about “the neighbours from hell”, so it makes sense to see who’s living next door before you outlay hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home. Not only does this give you the opportunity to size up your future neighbours, these people have front-row views to the house that may become your biggest asset.

“Neighbours are gold,” says Jacobs. “Knock on their door and see how they like living in the area, ask if they rent or own, and see if they know why the vendors are selling.”

Viner also makes a habit of touching base with other agents in the area on behalf of his clients, especially if they were invited to do a listing presentation for the vendor.

“Those conversations can be very revealing,” he says. “They may have information on the neighbours, or knowledge about price expectations or any problems with the property.”

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