7 important tasks sellers forget when selling their home

To make the sale run more smoothly, go through your house pretending to be an objective buyer and look for obvious faults which could be remedied, making sure these tasks are on your to-do list.

1. Deodorize the home

We all get used to the smell of our own houses to the point that we’re immune to distinct aromas. But when buyers are entering your home, you want to make sure the house gives a great first impression.

Air out the house to remove any stuffy air, and remove any cat litter trays, dog beds or anything else which may harbour pet odours.

If there is any mold, there is often a musty smell that lingers which makes the house seem unhealthy and neglected. Remove mold by spraying it with white vinegar then, using hot water and bicarbonate of soda, scrub the area and let dry. This should kill most of the mold, reducing the smell.

2. Remove the junk

It is easy to hoard lots of unused, unnecessary junk if you have lots of storage such as a basement, attic or space under the house. Buyers may fear this clutter will be left behind for them to sort out, and this can be off-putting.

If you leave it behind, the buyer can force you to remove it, or pay for its removal. Instead, clear the clutter ahead of time to show off the ample storage your home offers. When it comes time to move, there will also be less to shift.

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