San Diego offers free rat inspections for homeowners

Signs of rat activity include:

  • stripped bark from plants and trees;
  • piles of cut snail shells under plants or piles of wood;
  • sounds in the attic, floor and walls;
  • rat droppings in garages, storage buildings or other sheltered areas;
  • rub marks caused by greasy rat fur;
  • damaged food containers;
  • signs of gnawing.

“The County’s Vector Control Program assists property owners with their rat control efforts by providing inspections and consultations. The County performs exterior inspections to educate property owners about structural weaknesses that may allow rats to enter structures. During these consultations, a rat control starter kit is provided to the property owner. These kits include an enclosed rat station, a rat snap trap, and an educational pamphlet with information for control measures focusing on exclusion and elimination.”

  • To request a free rat inspection: Call (858) 694-2888 or e-mail

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