So Cal Appraisal Services Virus, Inspection Protocol.

Hi everybody.

We will still be inspecting until instructed otherwise.

When we make the inspection appointment with the homeowner (HO) or real estate agent we will explain the protocol.


When we set up the appointment will tell the HO that they need to have everyone in one room and the dogs to be put in their cage, garage, etc before we enter the home.

When we arrive everyone is to stay 6 feet away from the appraiser.  The appraiser will inspect and measure the outside first.

When the appraiser enters the home we will be wearing an N95 mask, gloves and removing shoes and putting on protective peds.  Please advise children and elderly so they do not become frightened.

Once the inspection is complete the appraiser will go outside and if they have any questions they will invite you outside (6 feet away) and get any information from you.

Again we are still working and we will update our blog if things change.

Keep calm and carry on

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