Aussies share how to upgrade your home to keep cool during summer

The key to affordably cooling a home is diagnosing why the building is hot, according to architect and Envirotecture director Andy Marlow.

“Normally, it’s because you’ve got poor shading over the windows,” he says. “The sun getting into the building has a huge impact.”

Marlow says windows are a major source of heat gain into a home, and protecting these surfaces from direct heat is the upgrade that delivers the most bang for buck for home owners.

“Fundamentally, the aim is to keep the sun off the windows in summer. It’s the single most cost-effective thing you could do.”

Options for shading windows include fixed or retractable awnings, shutters and blinds, but exterior protection is best.

“Blinds are much more effective when they’re outside the glass than inside the glass,” he says. “Once the heat passes through the glass, it’s inside your building.”

Marlow says home owners should also investigate the quality of their windows and doors, and replace ineffective components that are letting heat in.

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