So Cal Appraisal Services Virus, Inspection Protocol.

Hi everybody.

We will still be inspecting until instructed otherwise.

When we make the inspection appointment with the homeowner (HO) or real estate agent we will explain the protocol.


When we set up the appointment will tell the HO that they need to have everyone in one room and the dogs to be put in their cage, garage, etc before we enter the home.

When we arrive everyone is to stay 6 feet away from the appraiser.  The appraiser will inspect and measure the outside first.

When the appraiser enters the home we will be wearing an N95 mask, gloves and removing shoes and putting on protective peds.  Please advise children and elderly so they do not become frightened.

Once the inspection is complete the appraiser will go outside and if they have any questions they will invite you outside (6 feet away) and get any information from you.

Again we are still working and we will update our blog if things change.

Keep calm and carry on

US foreclosure activity up 13% in January 2020, 2nd consecutive month over month increase

There were 60,085 U.S. properties with foreclosure filings in January 2020, up 13 percent from December 2019 and up 7 percent from a year ago. Nationally, one in every 2,270 U.S. properties received a foreclosure filing during the month of January.

Counter to the national trend, 16 states posted month-over-month decreases in foreclosure activity in January 2020. Including Iowa (down 44 percent); Oregon (down 28 percent); Nevada (down 28 percent); Louisiana (down 24 percent); and Washington (down 20 percent). ATTOM’s Foreclosure Market Trend Reports offer a detailed look at foreclosure data.

Foreclosure starts decrease from last year

Lenders started the foreclosure process for the first time on 26,858 property owners in January 2020, down less than 1 percent from the previous month but down 9 percent from a year ago.

Counter to the national trend, 19 states posted year-over-year increases in foreclosure starts, including California (up 27 percent); Tennessee (up 21 percent); Georgia (up 14 percent); Illinois (up 9 percent); and Ohio (up 3 percent).

Also, counter to the national trend, 75 of 220 metro areas analyzed posted year-over-year increases in foreclosure starts, including San Antonio, Texas (up 66 percent); Los Angeles, California (up 63 percent); Riverside, California (up 22 percent); Nashville, Tennessee (up 19 percent); and Chicago, Illinois (up 14 percent).

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Foreclosures Inflow Increases Expected

Experts predict that increases in foreclosure and REO inflow will come from government-insured loans, according to the 2020 Default Servicing Industry Insights. The majority of servicers surveyed expect foreclosure and REO inflow to increase in five of seven U.S. regions. According to the report, 89% said they expect government-insured foreclosure and REO inflow to increase in 2020, the highest among four product types provided as options in the survey.

The majority of survey respondents said they expect foreclosure and REO inflow to increase in 2020 in five of seven U.S. regions provided as options in the survey. The only two exceptions were the Central and North Central regions. Respondents were split evenly between increased inflow and decreased inflow in both these regions.

“Most in the default servicing industry expect government-insured loans to be the primary source of increased foreclosure inflow in 2020, even in the absence of a widespread recession or housing downturn,” said Jesse Roth, SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development with “That’s a rational conclusion given the rising risk profile of FHA-backed loans originated in the last five years.”

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