San Diego further loosens granny flat rules as part of housing reform

On granny flats, which the city and state call “accessory dwelling units,” parking spaces will no longer be required.

San Diego has been requiring one parking space per new granny flat unless the unit is less than 500 square feet, in a historical area, within a residential parking district, or the granny flat is near a transit line or ride-sharing station.

On the bonus granny flats, property owners are eligible if they agree to make one of the granny flats they build rent-restricted for low-income residents for at least 15 years.

For granny flats within a half-mile of an existing or planned transit line, the number of bonus units is unlimited. For granny flats not near transit lines, a maximum of one bonus unit is allowed.

The rule change for micro housing units builds on 2018 city legislation that allowed developers to double the number of units in a project if they made the units smaller than usual – 400 square feet maximum.

The change approved Tuesday will create additional incentives based on height of the building and distance from the property line. City officials said the change would allow more projects to take advantage of the city’s micro unit incentives.

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Voting in San Diego by mail is very easy. The public libraries have ballot drop boxes.

We voted this weekend. We took our absentee ballot to our local library and did not even have to get out of our car.

Sign your envelope ballot, AND do not forget to date it. The date is under the signature line on your ballot envelope.


Every US home getting a flood-risk score – many are at higher risk than previously known

New website:

Key Points:

  • Starting this week, every homeowner and potential homebuyer in America will be able to see a new analysis of their property’s flood risk.
  • First Street is remapping America’s flood risk in an effort to educate homeowners, buyers and the greater real estate industry. It assigns a flood score to every property.
  • It could have a huge impact on the national housing market.

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