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New real estate laws protect renters and strengthen fire insurance

Renter protections (AB 2343 and SB 721)

Renters will now potentially have more time to fight an eviction. The previous law said a renter would have three days to pay rent or get out. But, the new law has switched it to business days.

That means if a renter gets a notice on a Friday, they will be able to stay — or get the situation sorted out — by Wednesday the next week. Also, holidays don’t count so that could also extend time depending on when the landlord served the notice. Unlike other laws on the list, this one takes affect Sept. 1, not Jan. 1.

Another law that will apply to renters is a requirement for landlords to get balconies inspected every six years to ensure they are sturdy. The inspector must be a licensed architect, civil or structural engineer, building contractor with special licenses or a certified building inspector from outside the local jurisdiction.

The law is in response to a tragedy in Berkeley in 2015 where six Irish students died when the fifth-floor balcony they were standing on collapsed.

Landlord benefits (AB 2219)

If someone else is paying your rent, they might have to put in slightly more effort. A new law relates to California’s strong tenant laws.

“If you accepted that rent check (from a third party), were you turning that person into a tenant?” Hutchinson asked the crowd. “Yes. Until now.”

The landlord can request the third party includes a letter that says they are not a tenant and, even though they are paying, they acknowledge they don’t have any rights as a tenant.

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