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New Canadian study reportedly says CBD may prevent COVID-19

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According to a study being conducted at Canada’s University of Lethbridge, scientists are now theorizing that certain marijuana strains could possibly prevent COVID-19 infection.

Researchers at the Calgary college have studied over 400 strains of weed and have concluded that at least a dozen strains aided in preventing the Coronavirus from finding a host in the mouth, intestines, and lungs.

The study’s head researcher Dr. Igor Kovalchuk said, “A number of them have reduced the number of these (virus) receptors by 73 percent, the chance of it getting in is much lower. If they can reduce the number of receptors, there’s much less chance of getting infected.”

Researchers were able to identify 13 CBD extracts that are able to change ACE2 levels, an enzyme previously linked to COVID-19 infection. The data also suggested that some strains were also able to control serine protease TMPRSS2, which is another protein necessary for COVID-19 to enter host cells and spread throughout the body.

An Israel-based CBD company believes it may have a potential treatment for COVID-19.

Stero Biotechs announced this past weekend that it will start a clinical trial this month with the hope of mitigating the effects of those infected with the coronavirus. The study will begin immediately at Rabin Medical Center Golda HaSharon Campus in Petah Tikva, Israel. The company will test a steroid-CBD treatment on patients hospitalized due to the virus.

“Steroid treatment is usually the first or second line of treatment for hospitalized patients. CBD enhances the therapeutic effect of steroid treatment and treats the bio-mechanism affected by the virus,” Stero said in a press release. “The initial study will evaluate the tolerability, safety, and efficacy of the CBD treatment, for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 Infections.”

Stero Biotechs, which was founded about three years ago and has a headquarters in Israel, describes itself as “a clinical-stage company committed to the research and development of novel Cannabidiol (CBD) based treatment solutions that will potentially benefit millions of patients.”

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