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How to Warm Your Home

1. Prune those sun-suckers

Shady plants are great in summer, especially on the north and western sides of your property. But at this time of the year you want to get as much sun into your house as you can. Now is the time to prune plants blocking out your sunlight, if possible.

2. Let the sun in

When the sun is shining, remember to open curtains and blinds during the day, especially on the northern side of your home, but also the east (in the morning) and the west (in the afternoon).

However, you might consider leaving south-facing blinds and curtains closed on days when it is colder outside than in as the sun won’t hit those windows.

It’s very common to see homes shut up all day long with the curtains drawn. But before you head off to work or out for the day, opening the blinds and curtains on windows that get the sun can mean coming home to a much warmer property.

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1 Way of 24 Ways to Save Energy Now

#24 the last of the series

Consider a cool roof – Cool roofing material are graded by their capacity to reflect light.  The coolest roofs have a so-called reflectance of up to 65%.  Which means they just absorb 35% of the sun’s energy.  Cool roofs give homeowners an average summertime energy savings of nearly 50 cents per square foot.

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1 Way of 24 Ways to Save Energy Now

#6 of the Series

Run a ceiling fan with the air conditioner – The combination will make you feel 7 degrees cooler (due to the wind-chill effect), allowing you to raise your AC’s thermostat by 4 degrees Fahrenheit, with little discomfort.  The US Department of Energy states just a 2 degree upturn lets you cut cooling costs by 14%, the only thing better is to forego the AC entirely.

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