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Remodeling – Small items that will impact your final costs


Choosing several different tiles for your floors and walls can really add to the cost of your bathroom, especially if you’ve opted for unusually shaped or intricately patterned tiles. The tiler will need to spend more time getting the pattern and positioning right, and instead of charging you by the metre, they will charge you an hourly rate to lay the tiles, which quickly adds up. There is also the potential for wastage as some tiles may need to be cut to fit the space. Multiply this by several bathrooms and the cost can soon blow out.

Tip: If you love a patterned tile, choose a simple shape, which will limit wastage and laying time. Also consider giving this royal treatment to just one bathroom in your home.

Choosing a single tile shape and colour for both walls and floors will give your bathroom a luxurious feel, plus it will reduce wastage and cost. Use the same tile in all the wet areas of your home and you may get a bulk discount, saving you even more.

Tip: Natural stone, ceramic and porcelain are the main tile materials. Ceramic tiles will give you the same look as expensive stone, but are far cheaper to buy and lay.

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