Aussie Advice – Keeping Cooling Costs Low As Mercury Rises


Australians have taken to air conditioning in a big way with an estimated 9.2 million units working to keep the summer heat away. Air conditioning is particularly energy hungry with many people wasting money on unnecessarily high electricity bills because they are ignoring a few simple ways to reduce their cooling costs.


“Closing doors and windows on hot days and covering window glass will help keep your home cooler”, says Grant Waldeck, a spokesperson for comparator website


“Sunlight can warm a room quickly, making air conditioning necessary,” Waldeck says.


How to keep cool – without blowing the budget


  • Monitor your temperature gauge and remember that every increase of 1 degree can add up to 10 per cent to the running cost of your unit Clean or replace your filter regularly. A clean filter will help ensure your air-conditioner is performing at its most efficient.
  • Don’t leave your air-conditioner on when you aren’t at home. Consider purchasing a unit with remote control functionality.
  • Avoid placing other heat emitting home appliances near your air-conditioner. It causes your unit to work even harder to cool the air around it, increasing its energy output.
  • Shade your windows in summer with curtains, awnings, or shutters to reduce heat absorption. By keeping your house cooler your air-conditioner has less work to do.

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