10 Things Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You

1. I’m Using Your House to Sell Myself.
I’m not sure if I understand Mr. Burton here when he says,”Some Agents See Only the ME in HOME!” OK, there are plenty of over inflated egos practicing real estate. Many of which you can see on cable television. But why would someone waste their time and money pumping up their ego when they could be making a sale?
2.You Might Never Get the Chance to Buy Your Dream House!
Yes, if you do not have adequate resources or a good credit score you may have trouble competing in today’s real estate market. Any real estate agent not properly preparing you for what lies ahead is not helping you. Also, the market has recovered to where we’re starting to see Pocket Listings unofficially come onto the market. Mr. Burton sees this as a threat to prospective buyers since there does not appear to be a level playing field, and to some degree Mr. Burton is right. This is why working with a local professional came make all the difference!
3. Our Commisions Aren’t Set in Stone
If Mr. Burton were to review the California Association of Realtors listing agreement he’d see that this is spelled out in the listing agreement. Historically the standard residential commission has been 6 per cent – which is typically split between the two brokers (unless the broker has both sides of the sale which oftentimes is called “Double Ending” ).Then if the agent is not the broker, that side of the commission is split again. Also, there are “Discount Brokers” that will list your house for a smaller commission. Lots, acreage, and commercial properties may also have different commission ranges.
4.Your Home Isn’t Worth As Much As You Think
Here Mr. Burton may have some insight. Some agents will tell you whatever they think you’d like to hear your house is worth to get the listing. Then wait for the seller to drop the price to what the market will pay. That’s no way to list a home for sale. Pricing it as close to the threshold of what it eventually sells for – when you first list the property – will get you the best price for your property. That would take an ethical realtor that knows what they’re doing.
5.Young Buyers Don’t Want Your Old House
Mr.Burton explains that young buyers don’t want to do a lot of work and repairs. Who does? Unless of course you’re willing to pay less for something you can add value to? Generalizing what young buyers wants is at best curious, and humorous. In fact, I think Mr. Burton is way off the mark without going into recent surveys about what young buyers are really looking for. In the end, it’s all about price.
6.Another Agent Can Get You More Money
Mr.Burton suggest you should chose a successful local real estate agent with a good track record. Duh!
Disclaimer: for information and entertainment purposes only

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