San Diego – Replace Your Landscaping; Make Water Efficient And Get Help


Choosing plants that love San Diego County and save water is simple, because plants are grouped into four water-use categories: high, moderate, low and very low.

High-water-use plants such as cool-season turf need 44 to 55 inches of water per year. Moderate-water-use plants use 20 to 30 inches. Low-water-use plants use 6 to 16 inches per year, and very low-water-use plants use less than 6 inches.

This information allows gardeners to group plants based on their water use and irrigate them efficiently. It also allows them to estimate water savings. For instance, replacing 50 percent of a cool-season turf lawn with low-water-use plants can reduce overall water use by 35 percent.

To find plants and their water-use category, go to, the Water Authority’s WaterSmart landscaping website.

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