Ready to Buy Solar – Do Your Homework!


One couples starting point for educating themselves on solar power was the DC Solar Tour in October 2011, which offered a great opportunity to visit solar users near their home and “ground truth” its costs and benefits.

Here in San Diego we have CCSE.  Or you can contact the appraisers at for you home value questions; they are Southern California’s forerunners in green property appraisals.

The information they gleaned from the tour confirmed that they wanted a photovoltaic (PV) rooftop system. By November, we were getting proposals from five firms, including two that operate primarily in the leasing market. We were impressed with the leasing firms — and with the idea of being able to capture the environmental benefits and a bit of the financial reward of solar power while putting very little of our own money up front. However, given our plan to stay in our home for the better part of a decade, we decided that it would be advantageous to purchase a system.

The next step was vetting several companies via calls with recent customers to assess the accuracy of their production estimates and the quality of their workmanship. We also checked reviews available through Washington Consumers Checkbook and before we ultimately hired a local solar installation company.

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