University City – Regents Road Bridge Plan Dropped


City officials announced Thursday they no longer plan to build the proposed Regents Road bridge, which has sparked years of legal wrangling and community protests in University City.

Giving up on the bridge, which has been planned since the 1980s, will allow city officials to more aggressively pursue alternative solutions to the area’s traffic congestion and emergency response challenges, Mayor Kevin Faulconer and other city leaders said. One such solution will probably include building a new fire station on Governor Drive in southern University City, the mayor said.

The shift also means rural Rose Canyon, a popular hiking spot that the $40 million bridge would have crossed, will remain pristine and relatively undisturbed.

“This new path forward will help protect the environment, help the community get the fire protection that it deserves and needs, and give us the final word on a decades-long debate over the Regents Road bridge,” Faulconer said at an afternoon press conference near the entrance to Rose Canyon. “It’s time to move forward with a realistic plan that can be put into action.”

The shift in strategy was praised Thursday by the University City Community Planning Group, residents living nearby and the Friends of Rose Canyon, an environmental group that has fought the bridge with litigation.

Thanks to everyone that fought so hard to save this environment!!

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