San Diego How Much Will You Pay In the Summer? SDG&E Seeks 7.5% Hike

A Customer reported that when the heat wave hit this summer their electric bill was $400 to $600 a month.  Now add another 7.5%; they will probably be changing peak hours too, and if you are a fixed income, it could really affect a lot of people: Vets, Retired, government employees, etc.

San Diego Gas & Electric asked state regulators Friday to approve a $145.3-million electric rate rise that would increase a typical residential gas and electric customer’s monthly bill by $5.63.

The increase, which would take effect Jan. 1, 1993, is one of the largest rate increases sought by SDG&E in recent years. It will take about a year for the state Public Utilities Commission to issue a final ruling on SDG&E’s request.

Also on Friday, SDG&E sought regulatory approval for a $10.4-million refund that would produce a one-time, $8.54 rebate to natural gas customers. SDG&E officials also used the massive PUC filing to make a highly unusual pledge to keep electric rates lower than those charged by Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric.

SDG&E officials said the hefty rate request was driven by costly state-mandated programs, needed improvements in the utility’s electrical service system and equipment needed to meet anticipated growth in customer demand.

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