Replacing Your AC – Make Sure to Check New Homeowner Regulations

California’s new energy efficiency regulations, which started being enforced last summer, dramatically boost costs for owners of older homes when they need major maintenance on their systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. That’s because ducts must be “R-8” insulated and certified to be free of leaks, a standard that can force total replacement for many houses built before 2008.

Consider an instructive tale. In 2011, a homeowner paid $8,100 for a new, super-efficient heating and cooling system, complete with new ductwork, in a house that was renovated in Valley Center.

But this month, a nearly identical HVAC system cost $12,758 to buy and install. That’s because the job required more labor, permits and testing in a 1969 home in South Oceanside.

Both systems had identical efficiency ratings. So the new regulations added 57 percent to the costs — a  $4,658 .

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