New Water Restrictions for San Diego Unveiled 4-8-2015


New San Diego water restrictions and incentives unveiled on Wednesday could leave some neighborhood parks brown, prompt more residents to tear out their grass and create a small army of workers combing the city to spot people wasting water.

• Reviving turf replacement rebates

• No more watering of medians

• Less water for small parks, municipal golf courses

• Stepped up enforcement of Nov. 1 restrictions.

Summary of Nov. 1 restrictions:

• Limit watering to three days a week

• No watering within 48 hours of rain

• Immediate repairs of leaks

• Restaurants serve water only by request

• Hotels clean linens only by request

Under proposed rules unveiled Tuesday by the state, water agencies would be assigned conservation targets depending on their previous use of water. If the rules are adopted as proposed, San Diego will have to shrink its usage by 20 percent.

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