Tesla New Powerwall Battery for Homes, Business & Cities

battery 2

Tesla unveiled a line of rechargeable lithium-ion battery products on Thursday night that can use stored solar energy to power homes, businesses and communities.

Speaking at a Tesla facility near Los Angeles, CEO Elon Musk said the $3,500 home unit, called Powerwall , can be mounted to a garage wall or outside the home. A larger product, called Powerpack, can store more energy to power businesses.

The Powerwall has a 10kWh capacity, but nine can be stacked for a total of 90kWh. The Powerpack has a 100kWh capacity and is “infinitely scalable” to power larger facilities and even entire cities, Musk said.

Along with storing solar energy, the batteries can draw energy from the electrical grid during off-peak hours when rates are lower and store it for later use.

Ever the showman, Musk then revealed that the Tesla facility had been off the grid during the event and was using Powerpacks for energy.

“This entire night has been powered by batteries,” he said. “Not only that, the batteries were charged by the solar panels on the roof of this building.”

read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/30/tesla-powerwall-battery_n_7186534.html

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