Cool Inventions for the Home funded through Kickstarter


Founders: Sacha Pantschenko, 30, Craig Andrews, 49 and Norman Oliveria, 27

Location: Sydney, Australia

Crowdfunding​ target: $38,000

Funds raised: $360,286

ButterUp​ provides a solution to the age-old problem of spreading cold butter straight from the fridge.

Using a line of holes at the knife’s edge, butter is grated into thin ribbons that can be easily spread straight onto bread.

“We started on designing a better container without much success, until one morning the idea came about to integrate a spreading blade with a grater,” Pantschenko says.

‘Having never managed something at this scale and learning how to managing every facet of the process from prototype to customer enquiries has been a very steep learning curve.”

Butter-Up was originally priced at $12 each. Those interested can register to pre-order via the product’s website.

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