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Habitat for Humanity store now has custom cabinets


The ReStore can help breathe new life into your kitchen! Our solid birch custom cabinets are offered in four styles, seven colors, and come ready to assemble. Visit any San Diego County ReStore location, and get inspired for an affordable, DIY refresh. And our cabinets aren’t just for kitchens – use them in the bathroom, garage, laundry room, kids’ room – anywhere you could use some organization.

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Huge Sale at Habitat for Humanity



Tips to keep your house cool the natural way

1. Create shade
Keep the heat at bay by creating shading around the house, especially around west- and north-facing windows. Removable shades, such as the one pictured, mean that for those in temperate climates, you have the flexibility to remove the shade in winter.

Or, for the same purpose – sun in winter, block-out in summer – plant deciduous vines on pergolas and create cool zones around the house. This will reduce the heat inside the home on hot summer days, but when the leaves drop in winter, light and warmth will be allowed inside.

2. Improve your eaves
Ensure your eaves are the right size and angled to keep the high summer sun at bay and allow winter sun through.

3. Let it in/shut it out
Learn to control temperatures by simply knowing when to open up your house for maximum air flow. On hot summer days, get into the habit of shutting up during the day – all doors, blinds, curtains – and then opening everything up in the evening to vent the house with evening breezes.

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