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Gadgets at the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show


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Israeli Company is sucking water from the Sky


Israel’s Water-Gen has built devices that create and store drinking water by harvesting condensation from the air. It was among a group of Israeli firms that presented their technological innovations at the United Nations General Assembly last week.

Put simply, [our technology] leverages the same process as a dehumidifier, but instead captures and cleans the moisture,” said Arye Kohavi, Water-Gen’s CEO, in an email this week. “This ‘plug-and-drink’ technology is fully independent of existing water infrastructure. All we require is an electrical outlet and the humidity found in the air.”

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Seven Gadgets that solve problems you didn’t know you had


iPad stand / toilet roll holder

Finally … you can crush candy while you are getting down to business without the worry that you’re going to smash your expensive tablet on the bathroom floor.

This device also comes in handy for those terrible situations when you have to make an important video call but find that nature is urgently on the other line.

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