A New Way To Finance Your Home Improvements: HERO Program

heroThe HERO Program (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) provides property owners in California a new way to finance a wide variety of home improvements to conserve water and save energy including: solar power, energy efficient HVAC, windows, roofing, water capture systems and artificial turf.

Will energy efficiency add value to your home?  Contact the appraisers at www.scappraisals.com for your value questions.

HERO works closely with property owners and contractors to ensure
that consumers are paying a fair price, work is done to the
consumer’s satisfaction and we’re available to assist with any
disputes that may arise.

The repayment of HERO Financing is included in your property tax bill, which is delivered and collected by the County. You will see a line item titled HERO Financing on your property tax bill. If you make property tax payments through an impound escrow account, your lender will adjust your monthly payment to include the amount due for HERO Financing.

get more info at: https://www.heroprogram.com/

Disclaimer: for information and entertainment purposes only

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