Need a New Roof? Green Roof Options for Your Home

When considering how to make your home greener, while also saving money and the environment, you may have missed out on one potential area of improvement: your roof.

A “green roof” can mean different things to different people. Sometimes green roofs are actually green; otherwise, they just have a lower environmental impact than traditional roofing options.

If you prefer the look and feel of standard shingles, or, are limited by local zoning or HOA community guidelines, you may be limited as far as making your roof green. This doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Ways to decrease your home’s environmental footprint include:

Recycled rubber roofing shingles. These are made of recycled materials, offer similar lifetimes as asphalt shingles and are more cost effective.
Thermal shingles. These reduce the sun’s heating impact on homes to save on cooling costs during the summer.
Steel shingles. Steel is one of the most recycled products in the world, and it holds up well under the elements, making it a reasonable alternative material.

Questions to Ask Potential Contractors

Because going from a standard roof to a greener option is a large undertaking, you’ll likely work with a contractor to accomplish it. Here are a few questions to ask to get started:

• How experienced are you in installing green roofs?
• Do you have photos of completed projects, and may I contact those homeowners?
• How long will this project take from start to completion?
• How should I prepare for how it will impact my daily routine?
• Do I need to pull any permits?
• What – if any – industrial machinery will be used, and how long will it stay on my property?
• How firm is the estimate – or quote – for my project?

Being prepared is the best way to ensure you’re satisfied with your final product.

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