Remodeling? Prepare to embrace change

Remodel projects, small or large, can go bad fast. It is jokingly said that they always come in at double the price. That is not true, but it is correct that often the bottom line is significantly more than originally planned.

Is this because everyone is trying to make your life miserable or has larceny in their hearts? Not really. The facts are that when you tear into an older home or one with deferred maintenance, there is no way to know what will be found. Odd stuff just happens.

No one wants to hear this. Most humans look for a reason why negative things happen, and it is easy to blame the architect, contractor or the interior designer. Remodels are like being on a direct flight that has to stop midpoint due to a passenger’s medical emergency. Suddenly you are stranded in your seat in St. Louis for four hours instead of landing at National in D.C. No matter how well you’ve planned, the unforeseen crops up.

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