How to update forgotten home decorating trends

retaining armchairs from the 50s, 60s or 70s to use as a design centrepiece in a room. Update a chair’s fabric, restore its weary legs with a lick of paint or vamp up its cushions with retro fabric.

Hold onto old ceramics and select pieces of your grandmother’s home furnishings.

Keep light fittings, floor lamps, side tables and classic wallpaper from retro eras.

• Preserve timber floors or paint them white.
• Restore soft furnishings in good nick
• Save retro dining tables and buffets

Quality not duration

“If you’ve got a retro piece and it has lasted the distance, it’s probably because it was really well made,” she says.

“These sorts of timeless classic pieces are worth keeping.”

However, Mahoney stresses, there is a huge difference between old and retro.

If products haven’t stood the test of time to-date, they will only disintegrate into the future.

Only hold onto items if they are durable. But dump:

• Sofas that are so old they smell;
• Disintegrating curtains;
• Grim fabrics;
• Rusted or worn furniture and
• Soft furnishings that are so old they will easily break.

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